TPOT turns discarded tea leaves into a natural soil nutrient. Instead of throwing out used tea leaves, disposing of them into the TPOT unit creates a pot full of soil ready to plant seeds in.

Graduate Exhibition
Sustainability, Industrial, Product
Lead Designer

About the project

Fully integrated with a smartphone app, TPOT alerts the user when the plant needs watering, or when it has grown old enough to be replanted in the garden.

Prior to replanting, the app automatically re-orders plant seeds that will arrive to the user on the day of replanting. This ensures a continuous cycle of oxygen generation and sustainable practices within the home.

TPOT is made from recycled and organic materials.

The pot itself is made by melting raw milk bottle material and recycled polymer resin together inside a mold. Heating the plastic to just below molten, produces unpredictable and exciting patterns.

Once set, the one-of-a-kind pot is finished off by turning it on a lathe. The sheared off plastic is collected and melted down once again, to ensure that there is minimal waste involved in the production of TPOT.

TPOT was submitted into my Interactive & Visual Design graduate exhibition at QUT, where it won 2 guest judge awards and the people's choice award.