30 and Thirsty

Identity & interactive experience for Jake's 30th brewery tour of the Sunshine Coast.

The birthday boy
Party organiser

The brief

Bring a bit fun to a 30th birthday brewery tour, without going overboard on dress-ups and fancy dress themes. Something *a little* more sophisticated.

Not everyone in the group knew each other well, so it'd be good to have something that encouraged socialising and getting to know one another.

The solution

A collection of drinking games to be played at every venue the group went to. The games were designed to get everyone talking to eachother, and create a bunch of recurring jokes that could be used throughout the day.

Everyone got their own lanyard with the day's schedule, and all of the game cards to be played at each stop.

The games had the desired effect, loosening up the group and creating jokes that lasted well into the night - the beers did the rest.

30 and Thirsty