WorkingMouse is a software development company in Brisbane, who pride themselves on iteration & experimentation. In 2021, we evolved the WM brand to reflect the growth & maturity the company had experienced over the previous few years.

Web Design, Brand Strategy
Lead Designer

The problem

Potential clients were struggling to understand our service offerings because of the page structure, content flow and lack of portfolio work. How might we deliver a concise but comprehensive website experience so that our clients feel more engaged and confident in working with us?

In addition, we felt the existing branding was limiting us from conveying the level of maturity and sophistication we had achieved in developing software.

Your vi­sion, our ex­per­tise

As a ser­vices busi­ness our mis­sion is to help our clients reach their goals. Our new slo­gan was cre­ated with this in mind, inspired by our Sage and Creator archetypes.

People at the heart of soft­ware

As a services com­pany, our peo­ple are our most valu­able as­set. We wanted this to be a pri­mary fo­cus for the new brand, with photographs of our people and the work we do scat­tered through­out the web­site. It was im­por­tant for us to show po­ten­tial clients, the peo­ple that will help build their soft­ware prod­uct.

An interactive navigation system

Just like every other marketing department, ours also had 1,453,768 top level navigation items that they wanted to display. So to compromise, we designed this drop down nav that is a delight to expore.


Yeah cool, but where's the merch?

In keeping with software development tradition, we designed the classic 'startup tee' but with a twist. The back of the shirt tells the story of WorkingMouse's different locations over the past 10 years situated around the Brisbane River.

Naturally, a simple embroidered crewneck and anti-pandemic mask were the perfect way to complete the collection.